European Added Value

The project is in line with the European policy cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) and specifically with policies concerned education and migrants. Through its activities this project directly contributes to the following EU objectives:

  • Make lifelong learning and mobility a reality
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of education and training
  • Promote equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship
  • Enhance creativity and innovation at all levels of education and training

The EU added value will be the possibility of transferring the results of the Project to all EU Member States so as to enhance the cultural education of migrants and refugees in the host societies and as a result to foster their social inclusion and integration.

To guarantee an adequate EU dimension and the maximum usability of the ‘Learn & Blend’ Approach, the Project outcomes (Study, ‘Learn & Blend approach, Piloting Report) will be the result of continues collaboration and knowledge transfer of all the partners. In addition, the results will be are going to be freely available on the internet through the project’s website for anyone interested to use them. Relevant stakeholders from all partner countries will be identified and involved in the project in order to ensure the maximum transfer of knowledge and expertise, but also to foster the academic/operative debate on cultural education and contribute to the dissemination of the materials. The dissemination of the project will also be realized at European level outside the countries of the partnership in order to raise awareness on the project all over Europe and get the more people possible to benefit from it. This will be done through the use of online, social networks, academic and education networks, migrants and refugees’ networks, etc.

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