NEST Roundtable in Greece

The NEST Roundtable was held successfully this morning!

The purpose of this event was to present to relevant stakeholders from Greece the ‘Learn & Blend’ course – an educational approach which has been developed in the framework of the NEST project and which aims to foster the cultural integration of migrants and refugees in the host societies.

After the welcome of the participants, the NEST project and the two involved organizations from Greece (ANCE and DIMITRA) were presented.

Then, the ‘Learn & Blend’ approach and the three components that consists it (‘Learn & Blend’ course, Guidelines for trainers, Cultural Mentoring Curriculum) were explained in detail.

Finally, attendees shared their experience and relevant work of their organisation to promote the integration of migrants/refugees!

27 key stakeholders from Greece attended the event, which was held via Zoom between 10:00 and 12:00.

Thank you to all participants for attending the NEST Roundtable!

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