Piloting of the NEST ‘Learn & Blend’ training programme in Italy

The NEST “Learn & Blend” training programme took place in Naples during the days 4th of October to 11th of October, 2022. In total 10 migrants and refugees participated and it was a very nice opportunity, for both participants and trainers, to experience a deep and exciting exchange between cultures.

On the first day of the course, all activities were carried out for an initial exchange between all the participants, trainers and students. The methods specifically formulated in the Learn & Blend Course outline were used. Through informal ways of communication, it was possible to break the initial embarrassment.

The second day was designed and set up to conduct the first effective cultural exchange between all participants. In fact, after introducing the concepts of intercultural environments and intercultural empathy, we immediately started with an extremely practical and concrete type of activity. On the third day of the course, participants were taken on a guided tour of the historic centre of Naples.

It was interesting and exciting to introduce the oldest part of the city to people who had never been there before or who had never looked at it with curiosity. During the fourth day, the exploration of the city continued. In particular, we decided to take the participants to two magical places in the city of Naples that they would hardly have had the chance to visit. The last day of the course was dedicated to a final exchange between all participants.

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